Out The Gate            

I would like to welcome you to our fandom. We are a group of individuals, admittedly a bit short of the twenty four moniker, who simply have a wide interest range, looking for a way to share that information with the world, begin a conversation, and potentially connect with others who share our passion. Though none of us are what you would consider youthful anymore, we are exuberant and lively in the things we enjoy. Whether that be baseball, hockey, other sports, to video games, movies and beyond. It has been our hope while conversing the origins of this blog to be able to bring the specific fandoms of each of our specific members to different pages, though we’re not entirely sure how the whole process is going to go.

We figured though, that an introduction of sorts was necessary to get the ball rolling on this entire process, which is why we bring you this page as a starter pack. The majority of us are simply friends who have either grown up together, or spent a fair bit of time together over the years, whether that’s through work, or social events, sports groups, fantasy leagues or more. This has allowed us time in each others company still engrossed in the things that we enjoy, allowing us to converse on these subjects, to pursue our passions, and to expand upon that group until the final elements were put together under this blog project title.

We are all fanatics in one way or another, all one being who share a wide range of interests or observations. People of different color, creed, religion who have learned that mutual appreciation at least gives us some form of common ground to stand and build upon. Which is why we have never served to exclude any fans out there. Whether you feel like you’re part of that group, and we should become twenty five fanatics is up to you, but something we would never dismiss. When it comes to mutual love, appreciation, and admiration of a subject, event or work of art, there are no separating lines, only those that lead to the subject matter of topic. This is the general idea that we have for our blog, to open a conversation with the reader, to find out whether or not their interests are the same, and even if not, to invite the differing opinion a platform to speak anyway.

We don’t claim to be any more than we are, just a bunch of fans of a bunch of things, many men and women of different paths and backgrounds, who look to connect like everyone else. No matter your idea, your pursuit, your fanaticism, we invite you to share it with us for open discussion, and we invite you to spend some time reading about opinions that differ to yours as well, so that you can appreciate the same feelings from a different angle. No matter how this road takes us, remember that we’re all fanatics of one thing or another.