No I In Team            

Though mentioning in the last blog that I do the majority of the writing, what I do need to stress is that there is a wide group of people involved in this blog, and in my filler piece, I may have given the impressions that it’s simply twenty three people whispering in my ear while I write out the filtered results. The truth is, the group that we have working on this is large enough that it makes it difficult to write anything coherently on one topic or subject without it sounding all muddled. We’re not all professional critics and coaches either, we have janitors, lawyers, professional wrestlers, and even Louisville roofing experts on our rosters. Needless to say we are not some illustrated sports magazine.

While we figure out our formatting though, I just want to keep the text running, to establish a bit of a foothold on our chosen demographic, and to get some people interested in our idea, hopefully. Even if all those ambitions fall flat, it still keep the brain moving, and gets me into the habit of writing each night. The main reason that a lot of the writing has fallen to me was through pure volunteer efforts. I had done some writing in the past and foolishly thought that some projects here and there would translate to being able to coherently write a blog revolving around two dozen people and a myriad of interests.

So in the background of these blogs, we have compartmentalized our groups, established writers for each of those subjects and are current setting up the blueprint for what I hope will be a much more polished and sectional result that will allow anyone of any interest coming to our page to be able to see the different views and opinions, and be able to chime in on their own thoughts. From day one we didn’t want to create an atmosphere of telling you why our specific fandoms were the right ones, but to reach out in hopes of starting a conversation, allowing ourselves to see the viewpoints of many other people, and perhaps broaden our own horizons in the process.

In the meantime, I do hope that those who have journeyed to this section of the internet find themselves intrigued enough by the idea to hang around for a bit while we get everything sorted out, to be curious enough to see the way that things will eventually progress, and to take part in this journey that we’re all a part of. No matter where we end up, at the end of the day this is a means for us to share our passions, and as such, we will never quit. We are passionate to the point of fandom, and whether we stay at twenty four or two hundred and four, you the reader can count on us to give it our best effort at making this specific site one that will always be open and running.

Golden Tickets            

As the main writer of this collective piece, I thought I would do the selfish thing and put forward a separate introduction for myself, after all, we’re all the heroes of our own stories, and when you’re the writer, you can see yourself in a different echelon as everyone else I suppose. That or I just need some filler while we still figure out exactly how the articles in this blog are going to turn out. With that said, I will go on like it was never mentioned and continue with my tale of heroism and intrigue that it surely must have been.

My personal fanaticism is movies, and it began very young for me. You see, it may come as a surprise, but my childhood wasn’t all that great, and when it came to escapism, I was one who was already standing one foot out the door ready to go into any life that wasn’t my own. I won’t go into any specific details about all that, but I will mention when this whole thing started. I would be in the middle of facing things better left un-faced, when the object of my torment would randomly extend an olive branch, meaning that he hated indulging in his own pleasures himself, and wanted to see how awesome his personal likes were.

No matter the reasoning behind it, it was always movies that would offer me my brief salvation. I would be called out to watch the latest action movie, or comedy, or even movies beyond my young age. But I’m thankful for this as it allowed me to look at these things objectively, rather than assuming at all that the real world was anything like what I was seeing. When my real world was something I wanted no part of, it was these silver screen escapes that would offer me a life beyond what I had. To be a high class thief, or martial arts master, a hero instead of one of the victims.

This love of cinema carried on long into my years and up until today, and I can say without hesitation that the love I bear for movies as a whole will never disappear any time soon. I have an extensive list of movies I have yet to watch leading up to the next few years, and that list will only extend as new ones are announced. And whether it’s a campy comic book movie, or a poignant drama, I will be there to engross myself in each and every story.

Movies have been something that have allowed me to escape, to watch life through a filter, and see things objectively, taking the fictional and applying it to reality to make choices that are equal, better or worse than those dreamt up by a Hollywood executive. I continue to draw inspiration from them, and enjoy talking about them with any who feels the same. So this is my invite to all other fellow cinephiles, hit me up.

Out The Gate            

I would like to welcome you to our fandom. We are a group of individuals, admittedly a bit short of the twenty four moniker, who simply have a wide interest range, looking for a way to share that information with the world, begin a conversation, and potentially connect with others who share our passion. Though none of us are what you would consider youthful anymore, we are exuberant and lively in the things we enjoy. Whether that be baseball, hockey, other sports, to video games, movies and beyond. It has been our hope while conversing the origins of this blog to be able to bring the specific fandoms of each of our specific members to different pages, though we’re not entirely sure how the whole process is going to go.

We figured though, that an introduction of sorts was necessary to get the ball rolling on this entire process, which is why we bring you this page as a starter pack. The majority of us are simply friends who have either grown up together, or spent a fair bit of time together over the years, whether that’s through work, or social events, sports groups, fantasy leagues or more. This has allowed us time in each others company still engrossed in the things that we enjoy, allowing us to converse on these subjects, to pursue our passions, and to expand upon that group until the final elements were put together under this blog project title.

We are all fanatics in one way or another, all one being who share a wide range of interests or observations. People of different color, creed, religion who have learned that mutual appreciation at least gives us some form of common ground to stand and build upon. Which is why we have never served to exclude any fans out there. Whether you feel like you’re part of that group, and we should become twenty five fanatics is up to you, but something we would never dismiss. When it comes to mutual love, appreciation, and admiration of a subject, event or work of art, there are no separating lines, only those that lead to the subject matter of topic. This is the general idea that we have for our blog, to open a conversation with the reader, to find out whether or not their interests are the same, and even if not, to invite the differing opinion a platform to speak anyway.

We don’t claim to be any more than we are, just a bunch of fans of a bunch of things, many men and women of different paths and backgrounds, who look to connect like everyone else. No matter your idea, your pursuit, your fanaticism, we invite you to share it with us for open discussion, and we invite you to spend some time reading about opinions that differ to yours as well, so that you can appreciate the same feelings from a different angle. No matter how this road takes us, remember that we’re all fanatics of one thing or another.